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What's Zoomer

  • Zoomer is an opensource and cross-platform face recognition lib for python
  • Zoomer is based on OpenCV and face_recognition
  • Zoomer can let the human face compare and human face detect easily and fast

The requirement lib for Zoomer

  • OpenCV pip install opencv-python
  • face_recognition pip install face_recognition

How to download Zoomer

pip install Zoomer 
pip3 install Zoomer

How to run Zoomer

python test.py [filename]
Just add the filename in you Python code

The main method for Zoomer


  • face_num The Face analysis lib including counting the number of the person in the picture
Class_Method Class_Method_describe options
face_num Get the face number of the picture Hide, pixel, just blank

face_num options

option describe
None option=[] Just output the OpenCV retangled image
Hide Don't output OpenCV imshow
pixel Output the pixel of the face

1.Option: None

Your Option:[]
Found 7 Faces! in the Picture

It would show the image processed by OpenCV in a new Window

2.Option: Hide

Your Option:['Hide']
Found 7 Faces! in the Picture
Without imshow

3.Option: Hide,pixel

Your Option:['Hide', 'pixel']
Found 7 Faces! in the Picture
{1: {'x': 935, 'y': 816, 'x+w': 1105, 'x+h': 1105}, 2: {'x': 935, 'y': 816, 'x+w': 1105, 'x+h': 1105}, 3: {'x': 935, 'y': 816, 'x+w': 1105, 'x+h': 1105}, 4: {'x': 935, 'y': 816, 'x+w': 1105, 'x+h': 1105}, 5: {'x': 935, 'y': 816, 'x+w': 1105, 'x+h': 1105}, 6: {'x': 935, 'y': 816, 'x+w': 1105, 'x+h': 1105}, 7: {'x': 935, 'y': 816, 'x+w': 1105, 'x+h': 1105}}
Without imshow

4.face_num returns

returns describe
face_pixel The pixel of the each poeple in the picture
num_face The number of the face in the picture


ZmDetect is a module can detect the face from the videocapture of your device

How to use ZmDetect

from zoomer import ZmDetect

That's very easy to use the ZmFace module

just add this code in your program

How to code with Zoomer

Use Zoomer like this

# test.py
from zoomer import ZmFace
import sys
imagePath = sys.argv[1]
face_num_client = ZmFace(imagePath)
option = ['Hide','pixel']
option2 = ['Hide']
face_pixel, faces_num = face_num_client.face_num(option)
print("Found {0} Faces! in the Picture".format(faces_num))

Option can input more than 2 at once like option=['Hide','Pixel']

The current version of zoomer has only one function and it's class name is ZmFace, Also it has a method named face_num(), This method can get the face number of the picture you give to the program.

Still Updating.....

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